About Us

The Italian idea


The idea for Kamawatch was born from the creative mind of the Italian designer Raffaele Petruzzelli, whom while revisiting toys from the eighties— small cars which had the capacity to change color with the temperature changes— was inspired to take that concept and apply it to watches. After more than 1 year of research and rigorous testing the Kamawatch brand was officially founded in May of 2015.
Kamawatch is the first and only watch with a patented Thermic Treatment Technology, rendering it one of a kind in the genre of watches.  The watch changes color when it reaches a temperature of 88 degrees °F (31 degrees °C) and reverts back to the original color when the temperature drops below 88 °F.
Raffaele Capoferro, partner and co-CEO of Kamawatch, brings over 20 years of sales, brand representation and distribution experience to the company.
The Kamawatch brand is rapidly expanding and is currently distributed in many countries around the world.